Launch Event

We're planning our kick-off event, we're calling Flame Wars, on Friday 7/14 (6-10 PM) and Saturday 7/15 (10 AM- 6 PM). The event is open and free to everyone with a passion for security, regardless of skill or experience level. There will be food, drinks and prizes!

On Friday, 7/14, we will feature an evening of talks from some of the most influential people in the Bug Bounty community.

Jason Haddix - Head of Trust & Security at BugCrowd and a Bug Bounty champ in his own right
Mark Litchfield - Founder of Bug Bounty HQ and world-renowned researcher
David Nichols - Founder of the Bug Bounty Practice at NCC

Plus special guest speakers!

On Saturday, we'll run a Bug Bounty Bash in partnership with HackerOne, where people will hack against Tinder for bounties! There will also be a CTF with cool prizes, for those who want to try their hand at breaking non-Tinder tech!

Plus special guest speakers!



We're starting a local DC Group in the heart of LA. Want to be a part of it? Follow us on Twitter for updates, or check back here.

The plan is to have the meetings the first Thursday of every month at the Tinder offices, 8833 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood CA 90069. As things evolve, we will look at other locations as well.

Since most of us focus on Web, Mobile, Network and Systems security, you can anticipate some of that to begin with. However, many of us have other interests, like hardware hacking, CTFs and binary reversing/exploitation, so we'll also explore those areas as well.

Since this is a community driven group, we'll allow the participants to figure out what interests them the most and steer the group in those directions.

Finally, DefCon! We'd like to have the group collaborate on all things DefCon, from travel/lodging and logistics to parties and events.